The Graduation Parade: Reflecting and Looking Forward


Amelia Johnson Pellegri, Writer

Throughout a challenging, confusing ending to their final year of high school, the class of 2020 showcased their resilience in many ways. Their effort to make the most of the year was visible in carefully crafted music videos, an Instagram account dedicated to the graduating class, and a parade and virtual graduation. 

This graduation parade, which was put together with the hard work of the class officers and admin, was an amazing success. The Town Common was packed with family, friends, and community members. A fun environment of celebration was created with decorated cars, music from a radio station, and even the shooting of confetti.

The graduates went all out to decorate their cars (Photo by Madison Weber)

When speaking with the graduates in the weeks after the parade, there was an overwhelmingly positive response. While this certainly wasn’t the expected ending to their senior year, many graduates looked on the bright side, and some even said the parade was better than a regular graduation ceremony. Graduate Megan Torrey said, “The parade was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I’m so grateful for what the Town of Franklin has done for us to make our senior year so special.” The Franklin community certainly showed up to help these graduates celebrate, and it was well deserved. Whereas tickets are very limited in a regular graduation ceremony, the parade was beneficial because the whole town could come out to cheer on the seniors. It also offered the seniors the chance to see and reconnect with their teachers from elementary, middle, and high school years.


There is no question that the graduation parade was a spectacular success. What people are asking now is whether or not it should happen again next year. While many underclassmen could be heard in the crowd saying “I hope we do this when we graduate,” others feel that creating a tradition would take away the spotlight from the class of 2020. Junior Jenny Maciel feels that the parade should happen next year because “it is a great way of engaging the whole entire town in celebrating the graduating class.” She believes that even though there may still be a regular ceremony, “it’s a lot more fun for people to get crazy and go all out, like decorating the cars and making signs.” The parade certainly offers an element of creativity and entertainment which may not be seen in a typical cap and gown ceremony.

Danielle D’Errico and the HMMS group pulling into FHS (Photo by Madison Weber)

There is still a hesitancy from both the graduates and the underclassmen: If the parade were to continue, would this be unfair to the members of the class of 2020, who were given the opportunity because they weren’t able to participate in many typical senior activities? While some see it this way, others believe that if the parade were to become a new tradition, the class of 2020 would go down in FHS history as the group who created it, thus leaving an unmatched legacy.

No matter what happens in the years to come, it can be agreed that the parade was the perfect way for the town to come together to celebrate this amazing group. The effort and enthusiasm showcased by the graduating class will always be remembered at FHS.