Prepare for the Return to School: FHS Dismissal Policies

Anika Patchala, Writer

Most of us are very excited to get back to regular school as soon as possible. Hopefully everyone’s staying safe and healthy. Meanwhile, here are a few reminders about school dismissals. All of this information applies for our time throughout remote learning and for future in-person learning.

Dismissals will always be directed through our school administration and they may only be granted for valid reasons. The following are examples of when a dismissal will be granted:

  1. Illnesses that are approved by either a school nurse or administrator
  2. Unusual circumstances that are considered appropriate by the assistant principal
  3. A school-related activity
  4. Family obligations/vacations (undocumented)
  5. Family bereavements (undocumented)
  6. Family emergencies
  7. A court or social service appointment
  8. Medical appointments

Students who are dismissed due to medical reasons must be dismissed through the school nurse. A student may drive themselves home after a medical dismissal with parental consent and approval from the nurse. If it is unsafe for the student to drive, their emergency contact will be asked to pick them up. Students dismissed for non-medical reasons will be dismissed by their assistant principal. 

When returning to school, students must hand their documentation for dismissal to their administrative office. A dismissal without documentation will result in an undocumented absence. Students will only have seven days to document their dismissal from the date of return. Undocumented absences include illnesses without a doctor’s visit, family obligations, attendance, and dismissals due to family vacations.

To obtain a dismissal slip …

  • Student must have a notes signed by a parent or guardian requesting permission to leave the school at that time 
  • The student must include the time, date, and reason for dismissal
  • The student must also include the name + location of the doctor and a number the parent can be reached at during the school day

Dismissal notes must be confirmed through a parent or guardian before the student leaves school at the designated time. Prior to allowing the student to leave, the school must contact the parent by phone. In addition, dismissal notes should be brought to the student’s administrative office before first period. After approval, the student will be given a dismissal pass which will be given to the teacher prior to leaving the building.

However, unexpected dismissal requires the parent or the guardian to come to the main office where they will sign a dismissal note. The school can not dismiss a student without written confirmation from a parent, guardian, or emergency contact. This may be a note, fax, or email. 

The only accepted signature for any note will be a parent or legal guardian. Notes from relatives, neighbors, or friends will not be accepted. During remote learning, all notes should be emailed or faxed.


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