Goodbye Cake Bar, Hello Birchwood Bakery!


Located at 17 E Central St, Franklin MA.

Katie Barrow, Writer

The Birchwood Bakery is the latest addition to Franklin’s downtown and opened on January 4th. Their renovations introduced brighter colors and opened up the space in the bakery. This is the perfect place to meet up with a friend or get some homework done. They offer bakery pastries, sandwiches on their panini press, salads, coffee, tea, and more!

Some of their bakery items include cookies, croissants, pumpkin bread, apple turnovers, and biscuits. (Katie Barrow)

In the few weeks that Birchwood has been open, juniors Maddie Michenzie and Maddie Stamp, have both become regulars. Coincidentally, both of them love their bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches on a croissant. I have tried their croissant as well, and it is as flaky and buttery as it sounds!

Some pre-packaged salads, teas, waters, and other items for purchase near the register. (Katie Barrow)

For coffee, Maddie Michenzie recommends buying it with vanilla and oat milk, and Maddie Stamp prefers the cappuccino. If you’re not in a rush, order it in a mug and choose from their variety of seating options. 

Michenzie says that it is “a great place where you can go and relax.” She’s been there about five times since the opening!

Jake McCann-Tiede, a senior at Franklin High School, loves the clean and modern renovations. His go-to drink is the iced dirty chai and for lunch, he ordered the chipotle turkey grilled cheese. Although it was on the pricier side for a meal, he said it was worth it and he would go again.

Go check out their Instagram page @birchwoodbakeryandkitchen for their full menu.


Bakery Hours: 

Mon – closed

Tue-Fri 7am – 3pm

Sat/Sun 8am – 3pm