The Raillery: Franklin’s Newest Hot Spot


Avery Chalk

The Raillery is located in the Stop and Shop Plaza next to Panera.

Avery Chalk, Writer

The Raillery, Franklin’s newest restaurant, has recently opened its kitchen and is now accepting guests. Located in the Stop and Shop Plaza, the Raillery provides a convenient space for local eaters to grab a bite. 

The Raillery is an offshoot of The Gavel, an upscale pub located in Wrentham. With a similar menu and atmosphere, they are sure to attract overlapping circles. Franklin residents can rest assured that although named differently, the two restaurants are analogous to one another; lovers of both have attested that the experience is nearly identical. 

A cornerstone of family-dining, this new restaurant fills a void that has been significantly lacking in Franklin. While the town boasts no lack of restaurants, most are either too informal for a night out or too fancy to bring children. Sean Kapples, who works at The Raillery, has said that this very quality is what makes the place unique.

People should come to the Railery to try something new. The food proportions are really big and taste great.

— Sean Kapples

“Before The Raillery opened, Franklin was already covered in restaurants of all types,” Kapples noted. “[However,] The Raillery has a great atmosphere with really good food for all people in the family. It completed the food industry in Franklin after the British Beer Company closed.”

The British Beer Company, which occupied the space before closing at the beginning of the year, seemed to share these same family-driven goals. However, its name never seemed to be at the top of anyone’s minds when they found themselves looking for a night out. While filling the same niche, The Raillery aims to make its mark as a charming, inviting, experience – something that the BBC never quite succeeded at.

The Raillery has countless tables for guests as well as a bar. (Avery Chalk)

As for the food, The Raillery lived up to its name. I tried the “Bomb Burger,” per staff recommendation. It was filling, but not too greasy. I liked the sauce that came with it, although, I would have been satisfied with just ketchup. I also ordered a side of french fries to have with it. These were good, but definitely didn’t stand out. Overall, I would rate everything an 8/10. It was fun with friends, but the lively atmosphere and convenient location heavily contributed towards the positive experience.

Speaking of, the environment of The Raillery was bright and spirited. I can see why kids and families would be drawn to it, but it didn’t feel young by any means. I personally went on a weeknight, but can definitely see weekends being even more bustling (if not slightly crowded). However, I will admit I had a nice time, and would recommend checking it out.

The Raillery is open every day from 11:30am to 11:30pm if you want to try it for yourself. Be sure to follow their Instagram, @raillerypub, for more updates!