Dear Target, Please Stop.

Grace Tucceri, Writer

Fashion trends come and go; something might be “in” one day and “out” a week or two later. Fast fashion companies, like Shein, focus on mass producing the trendiest clothes for insanely cheap and sell them online to teens. Other retailers, like Forever 21 and H&M, crank out low quality goods to be sold in stores nationwide. While the clothes may be adorable, this business model impacts the environment in the worst way imaginable. Mass production increases carbon emissions, plus, it’s hard to ignore that child labor makes a majority of these items, too. 

Enter Target, one of the largest businesses in the country. Back in 2018, the Minneapolis-based retail chain launched Wild Fable, an affordable clothing line targeted towards teen girls and women in their early twenties. The line mainly consists of on-trend items sold fairly cheap compared to its competitors.

Or does it?

Lately, the quality of Wild Fable products has noticeably taken a turn for the worse and the prices have increased. Long gone are the days of finding fairly decent outfits at low prices at any Target location. Still not convinced? Take a look at the investigation below: 

In conclusion, Target desperately needs a new stylist. Do yourself a favor and buy trendier (and more eco-friendly) clothes instead.