Pantherbook Editors give Best Advice for Incoming Freshmen


HSE Franklin Twitter

Incoming Freshmen got acclimated to the building through FHS’ High School Experience in August (via HSE Franklin Twitter)

Ryan Martin

Welcome back, Panthers!


The 2022-23 school year is upon us, bringing three grades’ worth of familiar faces to Franklin High. In general, the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore classes have returned with a pretty good feel of how the building operates.


However, for our Freshmen class (and those new to Franklin), FHS represents a new school with many unknowns and anxieties. To try and resolve some of that uneasiness, Pantherbook editors sat down to give the Class of 2026 their best advice:


Empty Bowls Club entertains potential members at last week’s Club Fair (via Ms. Santosuosso)

Ryan M. – Get Involved!

Freshman year can be intimidating, but getting involved in and around Franklin High is a great way to settle the September nerves. Whether it’s joining a new club, trying out for a new sport, or looking for other local opportunities to become a part of, getting involved is a great way to feel at home while meeting people with similar interests. Although the club fair was last week, still stay on the lookout and follow up with clubs that might interest you (including Pantherbook!).


Maddie M. – Stay organized!

Trust me, I know staying organized can be hard, but using one folder and one notebook for all of your subjects just isn’t going to cut it in high school. Getting a different folder and notebook for all of your subjects is good, and color coding your folder and notebook to match all of your subjects is even better. Several teachers will send you home with homework and notes daily, so each subject must get its own space in your backpack. Staying organized will also help you stay on top of your assignments, because how are you supposed to remember your homework assignment due at the end of the week when the worksheet is crumbled at the bottom of your bag? Staying organized will help you stay on top of your assignments, and staying on top of your assignments will mean less stress in the long run. 


Avery C. – Take your GPA seriously!

While your first year of school should be fun, it’s important to remember that Freshman year grades will set the foundation for your overall high school GPA. Slacking off in 9th grade could be difficult to recover from, making your life much more stressful down the road (especially as you enroll in harder classes). By putting in genuine effort, participating, and turning in assignments on time, you will start your high school experience off with the right foot forward. 


Katie B. – Try not to procrastinate!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of pushing homework to the last minute. Directed studies can be helpful to get assignments done, so you have less to do at home. If you’re feeling distracted by friends during directed study, listening to music is helpful to keep your focus. For long-term deadlines like projects and tests, do a little bit of work or study each day. Google Keep is a planner online that you can use to keep track of your work.  


Special thanks to all Pantherbook editors for their advice — Have a great school year, FHS!