The Southern Migration: Why Are So Many Seniors Heading Out-of-State?


Amanda Wylie

There’s only one month remaining until May 1, National College Decision Day.

Amanda Wylie, Editor

April has begun, which means it’s officially college commitment season for FHS seniors. This year, a larger number of students seem to be committing to schools outside of New England.

Why are so many seniors heading south? Pantherbook editors Halle Goldsmith, Vedika Vinayak, and myself sat down to discuss this question in the latest episode of Panther Podcast.

Here are a few of the reasons seniors have cited for their desire to attend schools in the southeastern United States:

  • Warmer weather (obviously)
  • Southern hospitality
  • Change of pace
  • Less chance of other seniors attending far away schools (desire for a completely fresh start)
  • Post-COVID escapism (people want to travel more after being trapped indoors in chilly Massachusetts for two years)
  • Less homogenous political climate (greater mix of conservatives and liberals than ultra-liberal northern schools)
  • Increased school spirit
  • Notable opportunities for sizable merit scholarships at public southern universities
  • Technology enables easy long-distance communication with family (less homesickness than older generations who studied out-of-state)

As more seniors announce their post-graduation plans this month, will we continue to see evidence of the southern migration trend? Follow @fhs_2022_ on Instagram to see where the Class of 2022 is headed.

In-state or out-of-state, college or military, every senior deserves a round of applause as we head into the final stretch prior to graduation.