Planning for College?

Adam Burnes, Writer


Planning for college is a very meticulous process that most people have to go through. Some people have more trouble going through the process than others. Having to plan for college is one of the most important steps in going into the real world. I asked several students how they had planned for college, and what steps they have taken to progress into getting into the college they want.

The process of college planning can be agreed as a lot of hard work, but it is very rewarding. The reward is being able to go to the college of your choice along with the major you want. A couple of students I have asked stated that the best way to learn what college you want to go to is to go on several college tours, the earlier the better. Some students say that the best thing to do is make an early decision if you already know the college you are going to and what major you are taking.

There is no point in stressing about what to do for college planning, just take your time and have it completed when you feel ready.