Google Classroom vs Its Learning

Paul Baker

The debate over Google Classroom and Its learning has been a fiery one, including various teachers and students taking sides on the issue.  

Over the course of the past two years at Franklin High School, the It’s learning vs google classroom debate has been a hot topic. Many people are just used to the simplicity and the easy to maneuver Its learning, while many others prefer the more sophisticated and thorough google classroom.

 During these past two years at Franklin High, administration and the teachers appear to be switching from Its learning to Google Classroom. Many teachers have different and varying views on the topic, while most students just want a place where they can easily find their assignments.

 I interviewed freshman student James Marsh and he said:”I easily prefer google classroom, as I can find my assignments with ease”. Google Classroom is also preferred due to its direct affiliation with google drive, and how easy it is to submit a document from drive, onto classroom. James also laid out why he strongly dislikes Its learning, stating that:”It is confusing and laid out poorly”. Many students, parents, and teachers share this opinion and that is why they are slowly, but  surely switching over to google classroom.

A Franklin Parent, Lisa Baker stated that she doesn’t like google due to many issues with their privacy:”I think it is more secure and I dislike the privacy issues at google”. Many parents and guardians feel the same way about their children’s privacy being invaded. Google Classroom will be the school’s new software to inform students of their assignments, and its learning will be erased over time. Expect to see an imminent shift towards the use of google classroom in the next year, or the year after next at Franklin High School.