Tri-County vs. Franklin High School

Sarah LeBlanc, Writer

The start of high school can be a very stressful time for incoming freshmen. However,  Tri County students and Franklin High School students report having very different experiences.

Schedules are the thing new students hold close as they learn their way around the school. But are the schedules easier for some freshmen? Rita Larose, a freshmen at Tri County,  states that their schedules there are the same everyday on academic weeks and it makes it easier to know where you are going. Tri-County alternates between week A: shop week, and week B: academic week.

Meanwhile, FHS has a seven-day rotation where each day has a different schedule. While it might be argued that this causes confusion for students, some students would rather change schedules everyday because it doesn’t seem like you are stuck with the same boring routine.

The first day at Tri-County for Larose, on September 6, was filled with excitement. Starting the day, everyone met in the cafeteria until the first bell rang. Following this, the freshmen were directed to the auditorium where they learned more about the school. The rest of the day consisted of walking around the school and learning their way around.

The first day at FHS, on August 30, may seem to differ. A FHS freshman described the first day to be chaotic as they were given no directive as to where to go. After asking around, they were told to go to their first class. The day continued as they were introduced to their classes until, all freshmen were called to the auditorium where they discussed school rules and policies.

These schools are hard to compare due to them being very different schools. Franklin is a more technologically advanced, typical high school, and Tri-County offers a more hands-on experience and a degree directly upon graduation. The important thing is that students are getting a good education which you can find at both Franklin High School and Tri-County.