Paris Fashion Week 2019

Elizabeth Davis

During Paris Fashion Week, taking place February 25th through March 5th, there were many top trending styles that were shown throughout the week.

Some of the top trends that were shown on the runways were checkered patterns, over sized jackets, shiny/metallic fabric, ruffles and tulle fabric, exaggerated shoulders, and feathers and fringe.

Senior Neil Acevedo, watched some shows from Paris Fashion Week. Some trends he saw and liked were big heels, lots of patterns, silver/metallic fabric and pockets. Also, being asked who were the top presenters in his opinion, he said he liked Ann Demeulemeester’s and Rick Owens’ collections.

When being asked, why do you follow and watch these shows he commented saying “Just like them. I like clothing.” Finally, I asked him where he watched these shows and he replied that he mostly watches them on Instagram.

Even though Senior Sofia Mendonca does not keep up that much with the Fashion Weeks, she still follows some of the trends that occur.

She said: “I watch these fashion YouTubers that look at fashion trends. They tell us fashion trends that could come up next year.”

She also follows fashion sites that share what is going on in the fashion world and the trends that follow each fashion week.

People go to these different fashion shows so they can see different designers new collections. These collections are shown a few months in advance, for either fall or spring. They are shown for the fashion press, retail buyers, and others with influence in the fashion world to see.

There are four places where these fashion weeks are held. They are always held in this specific order; New York, London, Milan, and Paris. These weeks also indicate one of the two major seasons, Fall and Spring.