Winter Sports Update!

Elise Ravech, Writer

Recently MIAA update their protocol for the winter sports, you can find all of the important information below!

The follow sports have been approved for winter: Alpine Skiing, *Basketball*, Gymnastics, *Ice Hockey*, Nordic Skiing, Swimming and Diving

*sports will have to make the needed modifications for safety in order to have their season

The new start date for winter athletic is December 14th, 2020 close to the original start date, pre covid, of November 30th, 2020

Indoor track will be moved to the second fall athletic season and Wrestling will be moved to the spring season. 

The restrictions for all sports above include a few different varieties. Practice will involve the coaches ensuring social distancing between players (at least six feet away). This will include stretching, warmups, chatting and changing drills. Athletes will be in pods so that the same 5-10 athletes will always be working together, this will help track the spread if any occurs.

The locker rooms and changing areas will still be closed unless the sport is right afterschool. The toilets will be open at all times, however there can be no more than 10 people in the room at once. The locker rooms also many not be used for storage and when possible students should remain in their workout gear until they are home.

It is recommended that all athletes bring their own gym bag with all of their personal items.

There will be no bench use during practice except for ice hockey since those are permanent. Benches are only allowed during game if all athletes can remain six feet apart.

Only essential personnel are permitted on the practice or game court (athletes, coaches, athletic trainer/medical, and officials) all others like media and photographers must remain off the court.

Halle Goldsmith a Junior who does Winter Track states, “I am glad the season got moved because it gives me more of a break in between cross country and winter track.”

Halle Goldsmith during her 2019/2020 Winter Track Season!

She adds, “On the other hand, it’s sad because we can’t have a normal season and I won’t be with my team until February.” She mentions although she is conflicted she thinks it was very smart to move the season due to the whole pandemic.

Athletes will not be able to exchange handshakes during practice or competitions, MIAA believes there are different ways to show sportsmanship!

Spectators of all sports must practice social distancing between individuals, especially if they are not from the same household.

Click here for more information on the MIAA website!