Everything You Need to Know About the Full, In-Person Return to School 


These rows of desks will soon be full of students!

You may not notice many differences when you arrive at school on April 12, except for one particular detail – everyone is closer.  Seeing as there will be more students in the building, people will be able to stay three feet apart instead of six feet apart. The school is also exploring making use of alternate areas for classrooms such as lecture halls and the library. 

The only area where the six feet of separation will remain is in the cafeteria. Students are eating and not wearing masks, which poses a greater risk to safety. However, because there are more students in the building, the school must explore alternative seating options. Mr. Hanna mentioned the introduction of outdoor eating, just in time for the warmer weather. To begin, tents will most likely be placed in the courtyard for students to lunch under; the gym will also be utilized. Later in the year, there may be a half-day model of school where students leave before eating lunch. Alternatively, although this is an unlikely option, students may eat outside with personal picnic blankets. 

A current view of the cafeteria. (Sophia Francisco)

A safety policy the school has implemented that may go unnoticed is Franklin High School’s UVGI system of air ducts. These air ducts are already installed and are a leading defensive strategy to combat the spread of COVID-19. They kill viruses and bacteria through ultraviolet light in the air ducts. They also promote air circulation. 

The return to school on April 12 has been determined completely safe by the state. Safety policies at Franklin High School will continually change to comply with state guidelines and keep students and staff safe. Although Mr. Hanna believes “There is plenty of square footage for people to spread out,He stressed that students should “Make a choice based on what they are most comfortable with.” Franklin High School will continue to do its best to support students in both in-person school and online school. Nevertheless, he wants to remind students to continue to engage in a strict engagement in safety policies put in place. 

The school is trying to be as accommodating to students as possible. Their schedules and teachers will remain the same as they have been since the beginning of the year or at the semester break. To determine where students stand academically, final assessments and benchmark tests will most likely take place at the end of this year and at the start of next year. Summer school will also be available for students who have not completed their credits for the year. 

There are a few other notable changes for students. The attendance policy will be significantly stricter post-April 12. Students who commit to coming to school must be in the school to be considered as present. They will be considered absent if they attend a Google meet. For students staying home, keeping cameras on, and entering the Goggle Meet on time will become more enforced rules. Lastly, the asynchronous schedule will not stay in place.