“Don’t Look Up” Movie Review: The World is Ending!


Go watch this movie. Now. Image credit: Variety.com

Aislinn Lavery, Writer

Just like the meteor it depicts, the new Netflix film “Don’t Look Up” hits a little too close to home. 

The movie follows the story of two accomplished astronomers (Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio) who discover the existence of an extinction-level meteor headed for Earth in approximately six months and set out to warn the world.

Unfortunately for them, the world doesn’t seem to care all that much. 

The comedy is a thinly disguised political satire that depicts American politicians and businesses as corrupt, incompetent, and so focused on image and wealth that they would ignore the impending doom of the planet in order to line their pockets and maintain their media appeal. 

Even while viewers laugh, the spot-on accuracy of the film leaves a nagging worry in the back of their minds: how much of this is a parody, and how much is real? 

Don't Look Up – The Paladin
The cast of “Don’t Look Up” collectively gave stunning performances. Image credit: The Paladin

In addition to Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio as the protagonists, the film includes a star-studded cast.

Meryl Streep portrays a blundering president, Jonah Hill acts as her narcissistic campaign manager, and Cate Blanchett and Timothee Chalamet fill the roles of romantic interests, reminding us that even in apocalyptic times, love will persevere (aw).

Lesser-known actor Rob Morgan performs a gritty role as the only competent government agent in the whole country, instantly winning the affection and support of the viewers.

Even Ariana Grande pops in, playing a character that is basically herself: a trendy pop singer. The parallel adds to the uneasy feeling that the doomsday world depicted on screen is not so different from our own. 

Among the celebrity cast, Jennifer Lawrence’s performance as a PhD student reduced to hysteria by the sheer enormity of the meteor she has discovered stands out as raw and real; after all, if we found out that we were going to die in six months, wouldn’t we feel the same crushing panic?

As a bonus, her red-dyed hair and blunt bangs have the Pantherbook team envious. 

Overall, the movie will leave viewers cracking up one moment, and soberly contemplating the end of times the next. If you, like us, checked the meteor forecast as soon as the end credits finished rolling, you will probably agree: “Don’t Look Up” is the most brilliant, hilarious, and worryingly accurate political satire produced in recent memory.

Hopefully, NASA is keeping an eye on those space rocks.