5 Tips to Survive Your Freshman Year of High School

Jess Simms

Welcome Class of 2020 to Franklin High School! We are so glad to have you be a part of this community for the next four years! High School is a big transition from Middle School, so the first year can seem pretty daunting at first. Hopefully with these tips, the transition can go a lot smoother and make this first year a great success!

  • Tip # 1: Get Involved→ Whether you join a sports team or a club, getting involved with everything FHS has to offer will benefit you tremendously. It allows for you to meet new people in your grade and even some kids from the other grades as well. You will feel more a part of the school community and you can immerse yourself into one of your passions. Whether you love baseball or you enjoy Anime, FHS has a lot to offer and you will find something that is of your interests.
  • Tip # 2: Try Your Hardest→ Freshman year does matter a lot, so trying your hardest in all of your classes is essential. It will benefit you academically by boosting up your GPA and will allow for you to create good habits that can benefit you in the years to come. Also, doing well will feel make you feel good and successful, so study hard and do your best this year!
  • Tip # 3: Go to School Wide Events→ Whether it’s the Homecoming football game or your Freshman banquet, going to these events will consist of a lot of fun with your friends. Also, these events are ways for you to meet new people and feel more integrated into the FHS community. So go to the Homecoming dance and go support the sports teams. You will have a lot of fun and meet new people in the process.
  • Tip # 4: Speak Up→ High school is the time to learn to advocate for yourself. Whether you do not understand a concept in your math class or you need help with your English essay, learning to ask for help is essential to succeed in high school. To help you do well, you need to ask questions when you do not understand something or ask for help when you need it. Learning this skill will benefit you too in the years after high school.
  • Tip # 5: Make the Most of it→ High school does go by extremely fast. Before you know it, it will be your senior year. Have fun, meet new people, and get involved. Make the most of these years because you can never have your four years of high school back.