Come to Audio Production Club!

Come to Audio Production Club!

Zachary Vigil, Writer

Mr. Geisinger, the sound recording teacher at FHS, would like to invite you to the Audio Production Club!

The club just started a couple of weeks ago and meets on Mondays after school in Room 105. All are welcome.

The club is a great outlet for students who want to finally make their own music, just like they’ve always dreamed of doing. You can use the programs (called DAWs, or Digital Audio Workstations) on the computers to record and create musical projects.

Mr. Geisinger talked about what you can do in this club.

He said: “You can learn to produce music using software instruments and midi keyboards. Additionally, you can record live instruments directly into the computer, or record them, along with vocals, with microphones.”

Mr. Geisinger also spoke about what’s in room 105 in terms of equipment.

“We truly have more things than I can list off the top of my head,” he said. “But, generally speaking, I can tell you that we have three major music production programs, being ProTools, Logic Pro X, and Ableton. We have a lot of microphones, we have interfaces and midi keyboards for every computer, a slew of mixing boards, and a bunch of guitars and basses.”

The club hosts open mic nights as well. There will be four this year, one per quarter. Open mics will be held in the Black Box (Room #125) for the most part, but in the past there have been some in the courtyard. Anyone can come and perform. The first Open Mic Night will be November 21st at 6pm in the Black Box.

Here is a video of an Open Mic Night performance from last year!