“Among Us” Game Night Exceeds Expectations


Grace Tucceri

A screenshot taken from last month’s Among Us virtual game night. Was the event a success?

February 25th was all fun and games at 7:00 PM. Why? Well, Student Council hosted their first ever virtual game night featuring the smash hit mobile game, Among Us. But were students truly interested in the game? Or did they just want to socialize with friends? There were multiple Google Meet rooms to accommodate everyone who wanted to participate. I was able to host one with several other freshmen in attendance. Here’s what they had to say!

Everyone who attended had such a unique avatar. “Emo Elmo” stole the show for sure. (Grace Tucceri)

At the end of the event, Sarah Barba stated that “being dead was the best” and that “she liked playing the game a lot”.

Gabi McMillan agreed and mentioned that it was a “super fun event”.

The crewmates were great at completing tasks, dead or alive! (Grace Tucceri)

However, Will McGilvray had another thought. “I liked it when one of my friends shouted ‘vive la resistance’ randomly,” he added. “It was so silly, but it was my favorite part. We said it so many times in the chat, too.”

There was plenty of action (English, Spanish, and French) in the chat. (Grace Tucceri)

Daniel Campbell later said, “I thought that it went really well. It was funny when we all hit the hand raising button for no reason.”

Who would’ve thought that hitting the hand raising button would be such a hit? (Grace Tucceri)

Josh Kuchinskas shared, “I had a really good time playing with my friends. I want to have another game night soon!”

Even your best friend can be “sus” during gameplay! (Grace Tucceri)

While Among Us proved to be a hit, the guests did have a few ideas for future game nights. Will and Sarah hope to play smash-hit Minecraft soon, whereas Josh and Daniel advocated for Brawlhalla, a fighting game.

Do you like to brawl in Brawlhalla? Or do you like to mine in Minecraft? (Green Man Gaming)

In the end, the night turned out to be quite successful. Hopefully, even more students will show up next time. Most of all, Student Council would love to hear your ideas for games! Vote in the poll below and keep your eyes open on social media!

There was plenty of fun, even in the lobby! (Grace Tucceri)

What game do you want to play next time?


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