Amy Klobuchar Meets “Women for Biden”

Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Amy Klobuchar on CBS News. (photo from

Gretchen Scotland, Writer

On April 23rd, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar spoke through a live stream to global audiences as part of an event called “Women for Biden Town Hall” for Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign. Throughout the 35 minutes, she answered various questions regarding her message to other women and also information relating to Biden and his efforts for the upcoming presidential election.

The “Women for Biden” activist group is a huge part of his campaign and has brought together a multitude of women in supporting Biden throughout the past year. He is an advocate for equality as well as women’s rights and plans to give women what they deserve when he becomes President. In all categories of health care, paychecks, safety, and families, Biden is determined to make things fair. Click here for more relative information.

Senator Klobuchar has been in her role since 2007 and was a candidate in the presidential election of 2020 until March 2nd when she ended her campaign and endorsed Biden. Since then, she has fully supported him, appearing on podcasts, phone calls in which she’s raised over $1 million for his campaign, and this live stream in which she says, “I couldn’t think of a better way to end my campaign than endorsing his.”

Senator Klobuchar ending her presidential campaign and endorsing Vice President Joe Biden in Texas. (photo from

When asked what she would say to women who have supported other candidates, she responds that she knows disagreements are good but at the same time there is more that brings people together. In other words, she states, “There’s so much more that unites us than what divides us.” She also says that although they do not know what campaigning will look like in the fall, there’s no time to waste to wait around and see. To the people, she notes, “You are on a march; it’s just a little quieter.”

She also explains some of the key elements of Biden’s campaign. A couple of his focuses are on economic issues for women and reproductive rights. Although the Coronavirus pandemic is here and not going away soon, Joe Biden calls into shows from his basement and watches things to continue his efforts. She explains that how Biden leads now through the pandemic will show people how he will lead the country as the President of the United States. Klobuchar points out that even when quarantine is over and the numbers have gone way down, “we are still going to be suffering; we gotta see this as a long haul”

One of her last points is made about Vice President Joe Biden’s biggest quality: empathy. His own personal tragedies lead him to have that relatable aspect every President should have. A story Senator Klobuchar told of was when she called Biden and asked him to write a note to her best friend who’s husband had recently died as a thoughtful gesture. Instead, he called the friend, had a long and meaningful conversation with her, and had her keep his phone number so that they could have future conversations (which they did). Situations such as these let people see Biden for his empathy, along with his other political qualifications.

Klobuchar ends by saying, “we have to look for that vision and that confidence, but at a core right now, we have to look for that empathy […]; that is the soul of our nation.”