FHS Hybrid Policies: How Might School Look Different This Year?


This is what the cafeteria will look like.

Anika Patchala, Writer

Many of you might be very excited to be returning to school after so long. However, as FHS begins to open up, students must be aware of the precautions that will be taken throughout the school day. It is important to understand that the staff is trying to make this experience as normal as possible, but returning to school next week will not be the same. Students had the option of continuing their remote learning or returning to the hybrid model. If students chose the hybrid option, they were assigned to either Cohort A, B, or C. Cohorts were accustomed to student needs and numbers and each consist of approximately 575 students.

Desks will be six feet apart.

Unfortunately, the 45 minute lunch is gone and we will be returning to the long block lunch period. The normal bell schedule will be returning and there will be no homeroom. Students who chose to stay remote will be following the same schedule as the students who will be doing hybrid.  

You may fondly recall gathering in the library or the cafeteria in the morning to talk to friends before class. Sadly, this will not be allowed anymore. Students will be reporting to their classrooms as soon as they walk into school. The cafe will not be open like it regularly is. You might be used to seeing a classroom full of kids. However, to reduce the amount of people in each room, there will be only twelve students in each classroom. Masks will be required and social distancing will be practiced. Desks will be set up six feet apart. Although, students are allowed to take mask breaks in the courtyard. 

Lunch will also look very different this year. Instead of seeing the regular tables, you will see desks that are spaced six feet apart. Due to our large numbers, the cafeteria is not enough space to fit all of our students so we will also be using the auditorium for lunch. For example, for first lunch, some students will be directed to the desks in the cafeteria and others may go to the auditorium. There will be a QR code where the students sit so contact tracing can be made easier.

Students will be expected to stay apart when lined up outside classrooms.

Students are expected to wipe down their desks in the classrooms. Every classroom will have a set of alcohol-disinfecting wipes. Students are recommended to bring a couple of masks, but gloves are not necessary. There will be available masks if a student needs one. Every student registered for parking will be able to park in the two student lots on their cohort day. If a student is not feeling well, they are advised to stay home. If the student notifies the school, attendance can still be counted if they attend their classes remote. 

Ms. Weber, one of our assistant principals, emphasizes, “washing your hands and being mindful of people’s spaces is important. It’s important to try not to congregate.”

Things may be different at FHS this year, but it will be great to walk these familiar halls again.