The UK’s Three Prime Ministers in the Past Three Months

Photo courtesy of: wikimedia commons

Photo courtesy of: wikimedia commons

Nathan Schlieman, Writer


In the past three months, the United Kingdom has had three prime ministers: Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, and Rishi Sunak. If you know anything about government officials, they tend to last longer than a few months, so what is happening? 

It all started when a member of the United Kingdom’s parliament, Chris Pincher got caught in a sexual abuse scandal that forced him to resign. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the prime minister at the time, claimed that he did not know about the allegations made against Chris Pincher. However, he actually knew about Pincher’s allegation before his appointment.

Boris Johnson also attended parties during the Covid-19 outbreak called the “party gate” scandal. This along with lying about Pincher’s sexual abuse scandal led to his resignation.

This led to the election of Liz Truss, who was prime minister for one and a half months. Liz Truss became unpopular after her finance minister enforced tax cuts with no explanation on how they will be paid. This hurt the UK’s economy and caused her resignation.

On top of this chaos, The United Kingdom is currently in an economic crisis and an energy crisis.

Advanced Placement United States History teacher Mr. Leighton shared his thoughts by saying, “Honestly I think it’s a reflection of England [and] I don’t think an individual job as much as… that job reflects the need to build a coalition. And in England right now that’s really hard to do.”

The events that are taking place in Great Britain matter to us because they’re key ally.

We’re an important trade [and defense] partner with them. We share seats on the UN and it’s important to have those partners who are like-minded.

— Mr. Leighton

 The UK helps us with diplomacy around the world and making agreements with different nations, like the US. If something were to happen to the UK it would significantly impact us.

As of now, the current prime minister is Rishi Sunak, the former treasury chief, and he’s trying to fix the mistakes Liz Truss made. Along with other global issues like the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis, it is now Rishi Sunak’s responsibility to lead the UK and fix the many pressing issues.