Does FHS Prefer White or Colored Holiday Lights?

Kayla Iagallo, Writer

Franklin High School students and faculty are split in deciding whether white or colored holiday lights are the better option. A poll was sent out asking students to choose what they prefer and 87 responses were received. White lights received 46 votes and colored lights received 41 votes. Percentage wise, 52.9 percent preferred white lights and 47.1 percent preferred colored lights.

Some prefer white lights due to their sophisticated look that complements all types of decorations. They also create a unified look wherever they are placed. Some prefer colored lights due to their vibrancy and festive look that has more of a personal meaning than white lights.

Two students here at Franklin High School gave their opinion on the topic. 

“Personally, I like white lights better because I think it matches the aesthetic of my house more. The colors in my living room would not match colored lights, so the white lights look better,” said Leah Cooke, a sophomore. 

Leah said she has used white lights her whole life. On her tree, she always pairs them with a mix of store bought and homemade ornaments.

Another sophomore, Bridget Haggerty, prefers colored lights.

“They’re so much more homey and inviting and I feel like they spread more Christmas cheer. White lights are boring, and while they can look pretty, colored lights are just overall better,” she said.

Bridget’s family used to use white lights on their tree up until a few years ago. Now they pair their colored lights with a random array of homemade ornaments.

According to USA Today, people tend to stick with what they used as a kid. This is because it is comforting for people to use what they are familiar with during the chaotic holiday season.