What to Do When Traffic Flow Doesn’t Flow


An all too familiar sight at Franklin High School

Victoria Rein

Parking at FHS is no walk in the park. In the lots themselves, lines form within seconds and snake between lines of parked cars, while frustrated students remain trapped in the driver’s seat.

Traffic has always been cramped, but with the overcrowding of the school this year, it has somehow gotten worse.

Lindsay Melville, a senior, has a spot in the first row of cars in the front of the lot. Brutal lines keep her blocked in her spot, but once she’s even made it out of her spot, it takes twice as long as it should to get home. Melville says: “Most days, it takes 10 minutes for me to just get from my spot to the exit of the parking lot.

Many students have complaints about not being able to back out of their spot, getting stuck in the student parking lot’s static lines.

The reason the lines are so dense, though, is because turning right out of the lot filters directly into the line of parents picking up their kids. Melissa Marchese, another senior, weighs in: “We need another way out…it’s honestly a mess.”

When she doesn’t have Cross Country practice, she is faced with the traffic. Last week, it took nearly a half hour for her to get home, which is 20 minutes more than usual.

This is a common problem among all lots and needs to be fixed.