Fall Coffee Showdown

Emma Nicholson, Writer

Welcome to fall: the season where leaves fall, apples are picked, and pumpkin coffee appears in the hands of many Franklin High School students.

New Starbucks seasonal drinks

On August 27th, Starbucks was first to release their line of fall drinks. This includes their iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is notoriously a crowd favorite. New additions to the fall lineup include, Pumpkin Cold Brew, as well as the Salted Caramel Mocha. Fall food favorites include the pumpkin cream cheese muffin, pumpkin scone, and pumpkin spice madeleines. 

Dunkin Donuts Fall Coffee Lineup

One day later on August 28th, Dunkin Donuts released their fall drinks. This includes the classic Pumpkin Flavored Coffee, as well as new drinks including the Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Latte and Iced Apple Cider. But the fall flavor does not stop with drinks; apple cider donuts and apple cider munchkins are also back in season.

What is it about the pumpkin flavor that is so appealing? Is it the strong taste? Or maybe it is the novelty of drinking something associated with the season so much so that it has become a tradition. Either way, pumpkin is back and people are here for it.

When asked her opinion on the topic, senior Charlotte Healey says “I think pumpkin has way too much flavor and it doesn’t mix well with the taste of coffee.”

Surprisingly, many students seem to agree with Healey’s opinion. When surveying a sample population of seniors at Franklin High School, 71% responded that they do not like pumpkin flavored coffee, while only 29% seem to enjoy the seasonal flavor. 

Of that 29% who enjoys pumpkin, 50% prefer Starbucks, 34% prefer Dunkin Donuts, and 16% prefer “other” coffee locations. 

Of these other locations includes Intermission Cafe, a hidden gem of downtown Franklin. Located in the rear of Franklin School for the Performing Arts, Intermission serves a variety of soups, salads, sandwiches, pastries, and drinks, including pumpkin coffee. They also serve bagels from Elizabeth’s Bagels and Muffins from The Muffin House. Check out Intermission to see how their pumpkin coffee compares to their seasonal competitors!

 No matter what your opinion is on seasonal coffee flavors, one thing is for certain: Pumpkin is back. Fall is here.