Who is Paul Ryan and why should you get to know him?

Kylee Hurley

Most well known for his nine terms as a member of Congress, as well as backing Mitt Romney as his VP in the 2012 presidential election, Paul Ryan certainly has experience in the world of politics. Paul Ryan is a Wisconsin native, who is serving as the Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee. He has also served as chairman on the House of Budget Committee, working on several drafts in regards to fiscal policy.

The most honorable position to obtain as a Representative of the United States is Speaker of the House. The Speaker of the House is an elected position by the House of Representatives, and their main function is to preside over the House of Representatives. The Speaker of the House is responsible for overseeing other official positions of the House of Representatives as well as appointing the Inspector General. The Speaker of the House is the second in line to the president, with the VP first in line to the President of the United States.

With the current republican speaker of the house leaving, the republican coalition needs a fresh face. After years of having Clinton’s and Bush’s in politics, the two most distinguished parties have become more partisan than ever. It has become more and more difficult for each coalition to unite, and work together in recent years.

Immigration and the state of the United States economy have politicians more divided than ever, making the Republican Coalition especially divided. Taking on the role as the Speaker of the House could potentially be a blessing or a curse for the GOP.

With the outgoing reign of John Boehner the Republican Party needed to make a decision in who to support in this upcoming Speaker election. After receiving support from the widely known Tea Party affiliated group, the Freedom Caucus, Paul Ryan decided to enter the race. Most people in the GOP believe Ryan has what it takes to unite the divided party during such a critical time.

“I’m glad he’s decided to run because he was certainly the first person I thought of when I heard Boehner was resigning,” says High School junior Christopher Regan.

After accepting Mitt Romney’s pick as his possible Vice President in the 2012 presidential election, most people believed Paul Ryan would enter the 2016 presidential race. With time closing in, in terms of entering the race it has become apparent that Ryan may be the right choice to run for Speaker instead.

In terms of unifying the Republican Coalition, Paul may have troubles due to the many looming debates the House of Representatives has had to endure in current years. Among them is immigration policy.

“He might have trouble gaining support because that’s the main area where he goes against party orthodoxy,” Regan says on the debate of immigration policy.

With the upcoming presidential election Paul Ryan may be what the Republican Party needs in terms of unification, while at the same time possibly keeping the GOP divided on the same issues as today.