Loser: Cheetos

Bringing in Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher could not save this commercial. Shaggy’s insanely auto-tuned voice singing his one notable song “It Wasn’t Me” felt very cheesy (kind of fitting for a Cheetos ad, though).


Loser: Doritos

Flat Matthew McConaughey is nightmare fuel. Watching him expand inside of a vending machine made me feel uncomfortable.


Loser: Hellmann’s

Amy Schumer can be funny, but not when she’s playing the part of Hellmann’s Fairy Godmayo.


Loser: Paramount Plus

There were four advertisements during the big game for the rebranded version of CBS All Access. In other words, there were four too many attempts at making people want to buy another streaming service.


Loser: OATLY

I have no words to describe this at all.

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