What to Expect From In-Person Learning

Freshly wiped off desks that are now 3 feet apart instead of 6.

Darby Nicholson

Freshly wiped off desks that are now 3 feet apart instead of 6.

After more than a year of hybrid and remote learning, Franklin High School prepares to welcome students back fully. 

Since Massachusetts recently decided that full-time in-person learning is better for students, parents, and teachers, FHS has been working to create a safe environment for the 1,400 students who will be returning on Monday, April 12

The principal of Franklin High, Mr. Hanna, says that the in-person students will “have a normal schedule” but administrators are “making some adjustments to our lunch block.” These modifications may be something like sitting in the courtyard, keeping desks in the cafeteria six feet apart, or even adding a fifth lunch. 

When asked about the safety of all of this, Mr. Hanna said: “Nothing’s 100 percent right? I mean, there’s got to be probably someone who comes into school that has covid, and then they’re going to create close contacts for people who are unexpected, and there may be some quarantining that has to occur and things of that nature. But overall, there’s a lot of evidence to support that this is safe.” 

Mr. Hanna also expressed that he thinks having people in the school will recharge everyone’s connectivity with each other. It has been hard building relationships when everyone has their mic and camera off, but hopefully with these last few months of in-person learning teachers will be able to create bonds. 

Even though there are about 400 students who will still be at home, it’s looking like they will have the option to return sometime after spring break if they’re not ready just quite yet. 

Additionally, many students have shared that one of their biggest concerns is events, such as prom. Most of them admitted that they did not expect to experience anything fun this year, but Mr. Hanna said: “With the senior class in particular we have some real wants to allow for them to have some type of prom and outdoor graduation with their classmates.” 

He even mentioned organizing a prom for the juniors that will take place either late this spring or early next fall. 

While in-person school is going to be extremely different from “normal” learning, it is a step in the right direction. These times are stressful, but the FHS staff is trying their best to welcome everyone back in a safe and inclusive manner.