The set up and restrictions for 2021 AP exams

With AP exams right around the corner, many students are preparing or the test in whatever form it may be in.

Ava Caporizzo

With AP exams right around the corner, many students are preparing or the test in whatever form it may be in.

2021 has been a school year online, and with that comes big changes. Since students still choose to challenge themselves by enrolling in ap classes, the exams will still be happening this year. Although the exams won’t be how they have always been, they will still be just as difficult for the students. Today we will find out the structure, dates, and length of the 2021 ap exams. 

The College Board has released information on digital ap exams and in person exams. They will be offering both options to the students since not everyone can come into a building and test. For each subject, the online students and the in person students will complete their exams at the same time. 

In person students will be separated, with masks and provided paper, and will need to bring two number 2 pencils, and a calculator if needed. The other students who are testing at home will have to comply with the new rules while taking an online ap exam. 

The questions provided will be asked and worded in a way where it can not be internet searched. While in the exam the page where the exam is will be locked, meaning you can not switch tabs. But for both digital and in person, any sign of cheating will result in cancellation of scores. 

When Mae Sassaman, a senior at Franklin High School, was interviewed about the upcoming ap exams, she seemed to have a wide knowledge of dates, times, and restrictions “…At first I was concerned about not having the option to go into school to take the exam like last year.” She then informed me that she is currently taking two ap classes and “Stats is in person for everyone, and ap gov is online for everyone, and both are in the beginning of May.” She stated that she found it odd that both of her classes will both be online, or both in person.

The College board has released a set of dates and restrictions that are used by different high schools across the country. Since not every student is capable of coming into a building to test, they have made an online option. 

For the people choosing to complete their exam online they must follow the four steps to take digital exams. Download the digital testing app onto their desktop, then practice tests on the app to make sure it is functioning properly, then complete the set up for the exam, and lastly before their exam time starts, students must log in thirty minutes prior to the exam.