Should Everyday Exercise Be Mandated in Schools?

Franklin High School has debated the need for imposing a daily physical activity mandate (via Juliana Owen)

Franklin High School has debated the need for imposing a daily physical activity mandate (via Juliana Owen)

Juliana Owen, Writer

When asked if sports should be mandatory in schools, particularly in high school, most Franklin High students had the same response: No.

Whether a freshman or senior, athlete or non-athlete, Fraklin High agreed no one should be forced onto a sports team. However, when asked about a mandate on physical exercise, their sentiment changed. 

Daily exercise has been proven to be a great way to relieve stress while boosting brain function and serotonin. By implementing a mandatory exercise during the day, the focus and concentration of a student can help the progression of learning. 

The main reasons students do not gravitate towards sports are because they do not enjoy playing or fear they do not have enough time to focus on school and do athletics. 

Michael LaRoche, a senior at Franklin High School, quit a sport he used to enjoy playing, yet he continues to work out and expresses that playing a sport is not the only way to be active. 

All kids should get exercise in some way” LaRoche says.

Other Franklin High students stress how important exercise is. Emily Tulloch, a freshman and two-sport athlete, agrees students need to stay active. 

“It is beneficial to keep [kids] active, but if they do not like [sports], they should not feel they have to do it” Tulloch said.

According to the CDC gov website, the advantages of in-school physical activity are proven to help students have better grades, school attendance, cognitive performance, and good behavior in the classroom. 

Current high schoolers and middle schoolers have been raised in a technology-driven, social media-filled world. Therefore, with this mandate more students can take a break from constantly consuming technology and begin to use exercise as a beneficial source of focus. 

Physical exercise for all students will be comfortable for high school athletes who consistently work out and stay in shape for their sport. On the other hand, students who are less inclined to accept or like physical activity can do something as simple as taking a short walk. Physical activity does not need to be an extreme workout but an activity that gets students’ bodies moving.